Chyna - Added on 08-18-2016

Ain't nothing chinese about dis bad motherfucker right here except for them tats dis thug be sportin. Picked him up straight from tha Miami slums to bust dat nut for me. Shit I was playin wit myself behind the camera whippin out ma own piece so dis brotha can check me out and cum all over tha motherfuckin place. And guess what, that thug did it. Like BAM just fuckin blasting and bubblin dat shit outta that juicy dick.

Sir Pleasure - Added on 08-11-2016

TaetheDoug 2 - Added on 08-04-2016

Tyson Kobie - Added on 07-28-2016

How bout something a lil extra for the day? We just couldn't not show you this sexy ass chiseled brotha. Yea, usually we don't do solos, so we give this to you in addition to the weekly update!

Da Truth - Added on 07-21-2016

Yea, da mothafuckin truth whippin out his dick right in ya mothafuckin backyard. How ya like dat shit, dis brotha gonna chop your dick off with his bling style grill. No doubt straight from tha streets of Philly this ruffneck gangsta gonna fuck your mothafuckin brains out and blow em all over tha sheets. Fuck, dis G is 4 real.

Markell 3 - Added on 07-14-2016

Markell back once again for another hot as fuck photo session. He been hittin the weights, workin on dat definition a lil bit and it's definitely paid off. The dick's as big as ever and ready to bust some amazin nuts!


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